A Family Law Lawyer With Decades Of Experience

When it comes to divorce, no one has it all figured out. I have been in practice for more than 40 years, and those three decades have been a steady period of training. Ending your marriage or getting a new marriage off on the right foot is not simple. Even if you have started your own legal research, you cannot do this alone — and you do not need to. We are here to help.

Our practice is located in Vaughan, Ontario, under the banner of Judith Holzman Law Offices.

Firm Practice Areas

The firm's main work for clients is divorce and its related issues, including:

While it is easy to put these areas into a list, in reality, they often all come into play when a client seeks my advice. Resolving child custody necessarily works hand in hand with finalizing child support. Spousal support and property division are often connected issues. Our clients receive comprehensive guidance about how to conclude their marriage and move onto the next phase of their lives.

We favour settling divorces quickly, without unnecessary stress or expense, and in the best interests of our client. Staying out of court is one of the best ways to achieve this. We will litigate if necessary, but most people are best served by alternative options. Collaborative law, mediation and arbitration are all resolution-focused options we encourage most clients to pursue.

Legal Advice For Committed Relationships

Starting a marriage or cohabitation with a legal agreement can help preserve the long-term health of your relationship. We also handle cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts (also known as "prenups") for partners who want to agree upon property, support and other issues during their relationship and if it comes to an end.

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At our firm, we are committed to down-to-earth communication, compassion and using our substantial legal knowledge and experience to help you. We offer you respect, advocacy and honesty during a time of substantial stress in your life.

Contact our office online or call me at 905-303-1070 (Vaughan) or 416-977-3050 (Toronto) or 866-233-0945 (Canada toll free) to schedule a consultation. As family law lawyers in Vaughan, we serve clients throughout York Region.