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Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
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Knowledge, Dedication, Honesty and Diplomacy

Divorce Lawyer Serving Vaughan Since 1978

Any family law issue can make you feel angry, confused or overwhelmed. The role of a family lawyer is to help you through the stress and conflict, so you can regain control and enter the next phase of your life. Let us fill this role for you.

We have been providing counsel and legal advocacy since 1978. Our practice is located in Vaughan, Ontario, under the name of Judith Holzman Law Offices.

Seeing The Way Forward

More than 40 years of doing this work as a sole practitioner, my daughter Amanda Cohen has joined the practice. We believe that family lawyers are really just cleaning staff: sorting out the chaos with firmness and diplomacy. We use our experience to help clients reach the best result — one that is both realistic and practical.

Honesty is important for legal advice to be effective. We do not gloss over the difficult parts of the truth. Our roles are to be your advisors and representatives, and that includes letting you know when your expectations cannot be met. It also means pointing the way toward solutions you might not have considered to obtain your goals.

Welcoming And Accessible

No one should feel alone or intimidated when meeting with a lawyer. Our practice is welcoming, for clients and their loved ones. If you want to bring members of your support system with you, we make them, and you, feel at home.

It has always been our practice to be accessible outside of regular office hours. When you have a question or concern, we are available. Our office, located near Vaughan City Hall, is not your traditional office building. It is an environment where you can feel at ease describing your situation and legal concerns.

Options For Settlement

I, Judith Holzman, am trained in mediation, arbitration and collaborative law, and maintain a mediation/arbitration practice under the name “Working Together”. These processes can help you avoid the financial and emotional stress of litigation. I will go to court if the situation warrants it. However, in most divorces, an approach aimed at resolution proves to be more cost-effective and satisfactory for everyone involved.

Advice In York Region: Family Law Lawyer Judith Holzman

In addition to divorce, our practice includes cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts.

Why Choose Us?

  • More than 40 years Experience
  • Accessible: You Will Talk Directly With Us And We Are Available 24/7
  • We Are Honest And Effective
  • Will Take Away Your Worries And Stress
  • We’ve Done It And Seen It All Before
  • We Educate Our Clients So They Understand The Law And Your Legal Direction
  • We Provide Options: Mediation, Arbitration, Collaborative & Litigation If Necessary
  • We Have Great Client Reviews
  • We are A Family Oriented Business
  • We Have The Right Resources To Bear On Your Case Including Investigators And Accountants

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