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Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law

Skilled Divorce Assistance In The York Region

If you are considering divorce, you are likely overwhelmed, upset and uncertain. These feelings are normal. A divorce is almost as stressful as a death occurring. Often, people who come to me are not sure whether a divorce is what they want. They seek options, which may include ending the marriage.

I have been a family lawyer for more than 40 years, since 1978. I practice in Vaughan, Ontario, at Judith Holzman Law Offices. Consultation with a lawyer can bring clarity and perspective to your situation. If you choose to take legal steps, I will represent you with compassion and skill.

Choosing Divorce

Relationships are complicated. An outside observer can help you see where your marriage is headed. Sometimes, partners can work through their issues with the assistance of a therapist or counselor. This step can prevent future regret that maybe they did not work hard enough to save the marriage.

Other times, there are signs that a marriage should come to an end. Couples have many reasons, personal and unique to them, that lead them to seek divorce. There may be situations of abuse. Or a couple may have simply grown apart. (This is frequently the reason behind “grey divorce” involving those over 50.) If you are at the stage of wanting a divorce, I can offer you a road map for the way ahead.

Ending A Marriage In Ontario

Divorce is granted on one of three grounds in Ontario. Two of those grounds, adultery and cruelty, are rarely used because the legal criteria to meet them are quite high. Most people file for divorce on no-fault grounds. In this case, a one-year separation is necessary before a divorce is granted.

Therefore, although a divorce application can occur immediately, the divorce itself is subject to a one-year waiting period.

In most divorces, there are many details to sort out. Child custody, spousal support and asset division all must be settled. I will help you through this, in the quickest and easiest way possible. You do not have to go to court. Often, the same result can be achieved in mediation or negotiation.

Welcoming Place To Talk

Throughout my many decades of practice, I have come to value a personal approach to legal work. Clients deserve to have confidence in the capability and experience of their lawyer. They also need to feel at ease, so they can talk about what they are going through. My office is designed to make you feel comfortable, and family members or close friends are welcome to come with you to appointments.

Divorce Lawyer Serving Vaughan And York Region

As a family and divorce lawyer, I serve municipalities throughout the region. To learn more, contact my office online or call me at 905-303-1070 (Vaughan) or 416-977-3050 (Toronto) or 866-233-0945 (Canada toll free).