Practicing Collaborative Law In The York Region For Decades

Over more than 40 years as an Ontario lawyer, I have seen the family law system change and evolve. There are more options for people who want to avoid court and achieve amicable solutions. Collaborative law is one such innovation. The process is designed to encourage a "win-win" resolution that turns divorcing spouses into successful co-families, in particular where children are involved.

In my years of helping people through divorce, I have come to value solution-focused options. For this reason, I have obtained specific training in collaborative law and recommend it to my clients who can benefit from its unique focus on consensus.

I practice law in Vaughan, Ontario, at Judith Holzman Law Offices.

What Makes Collaborative Law Different

Collaborative law is very different from traditional, adversarial litigation. The process involves the spouses, their lawyers, and experts such as a financial planner, mental health professional, child psychologist or social worker — all of whom combine to form a settlement team. The focus is on a creative settlement. Far from "shutting people down" during negotiations, the aim is to be inclusive. Everyone is heard, and the objective is to get a result that works for everyone.

Often, negotiations do not just include parents. Sometimes, when it is right for the particular family, grandparents may be involved because they have a particular interest in maintaining a healthy relationship with their grandchildren. With collaborative law, the focus is on "out of the box" solutions.

Serving York Region: Divorce Lawyer Offering Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative law is a commitment, and it is not appropriate for every divorce. It is also not easy for all lawyers to participate in. I am a lawyer with an interest in creative resolutions for my clients.

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