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Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law

A Vaughan Lawyer For Separation Agreements

If you are divorcing, you want to see an end to the stress and chaos. As your lawyer, I want to help you achieve resolution with your spouse. Working together, we can get you the best result possible, quickly and cost-effectively.

Often, the issues in a divorce can be resolved by way of the separation agreement. This is a binding, negotiated contract that contains the final terms of asset division, child custody, spousal support and related issues. A separation agreement is usually the last step before a court grants a divorce.

Over my more than three decades as a family lawyer, I have helped countless people through the legal process of divorce. You do not have to face this alone. I am here to guide you through it.

My law practice is located in Vaughan, Ontario, under the banner of Judith Holzman Law Offices.

Contents Of A Separation Agreement

A separation agreement contains clauses that settle your affairs with your spouse. Among the issues may be:

  • Child custody, including where children will live and what access is granted to the other parent
  • Child support
  • Spousal support, including amount and schedule of payments
  • Asset division, including the amount of an equalization payment

For a separation agreement to pass legal scrutiny, negotiations must be undertaken with integrity. If one spouse pressures another or does not provide full financial disclosure, the agreement can be deemed invalid.

Reaching Agreement

If you want to keep your divorce out of court, you have many options. These all can have a separation agreement as the final goal. I can negotiate on your behalf directly with your spouse’s lawyer. You can also participate in mediation, where a third party will guide you toward resolution on specific issues. Collaborative law is a specific form of divorce negotiation where all parties work together to build consensus and outside experts in finance and child psychology are consulted.

Each option has certain benefits; some are right for some people and not for others. Working together, we can assess what is right for you.

Serving York Region And Newmarket: Separation And Divorce Lawyer

Contact my office online or call me at 905-303-1070 (Vaughan) or 416-977-3050 (Toronto) or 866-233-0945 (Canada toll free) to schedule a consultation. I am a Vaughan lawyer advising on separation agreements and divorce issues.