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Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law

Decades Of Experience With Property Division

When a marriage ends, spouses must divide property as part of their divorce settlement. This is rarely as simple as dividing assets down the middle. In many cases, spouses must consult with advisers who will do complex calculations to ensure accuracy and to comply with the law.

I have been an Ontario family lawyer since 1978. Over those more than 40 years, I have gained a significant understanding of the complexities of asset division in divorce. These are not issues to be handled lightly. Your lawyer must be thorough and practical to make sure your property division is negotiated the right way.

I offer legal services in Vaughan, Ontario, under the firm name of Judith Holzman Law Offices.

Dividing Marital Assets In Ontario

In Ontario, by legislation the value of the increase in asset value during marriage is divided by a cash payment once the marriage ends. This includes the increase in value of any property owned by one spouse and brought into the marriage. Some kinds of property are excluded from this scheme, such as inheritances. Special rules also apply to the marital home. However, property is defined broadly, including assets such as:

  • Real estate
  • Stock options
  • Business assets
  • Bank accounts
  • Pensions, to which specific rules apply

Looking at this list, it is easy to see that asset division in divorce is not straightforward. While the value of some assets may be easy to determine, such as the balance in a bank account, most assets require expert analysis. The value is fixed at the date of separation.

If it is in your best interests, I will go to court to enforce your rights. As an experienced lawyer, I offer you a range of options to settle your divorce.

Serving York Region: Lawyer For Dividing Marital Assets

When you come to me for divorce advice, we will discuss property division. You do not need to know everything about your family finances. As your lawyer, I will help you itemize your assets and ensure full disclosure from your spouse during legal proceedings.

Settling on assets is only one part of the divorce. It is my experience that ending a marriage is emotionally difficult on all fronts. It is possible to achieve a fair and equitable resolution. Choosing mediation, collaborative law and direct negotiation can be as effective as going before a judge, even on issues like asset division where outside experts should be consulted. When it is appropriate, however, I will take your case to court.

Contact my office online or call me at 905-303-1070 (Vaughan) or 416-977-3050 (Toronto) or 866-233-0945 (Canada toll free) to schedule a consultation. I am a Vaughan lawyer advising on property division and other divorce and family-related legal issues.