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Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law
Judith Holzman Law Offices
Family Law, Mediation, Collaborative Law

Addressing Child Support Concerns In Vaughan And Beyond

When parents separate, the law assumes children should enjoy the same lifestyle they would have had if the parents had stayed together. While most parents support this idea in theory, they often have questions about how it works in practice.

I am here to help. Many of my clients are worried about their children and confused about the many unknowns of life after divorce. I am an informed, compassionate lawyer, and I will help clear the fog.

I have been an Ontario family lawyer for more than 40 years. My practice is located in Vaughan under the banner of Judith Holzman Law Offices.

Some Facts About Child Support

Child support is normally paid by the noncustodial parent to the parent with whom the children live. Support amounts are based on federal and provincial guidelines, according to income and the number of children. These guidelines are mandatory and strictly adhered to by the courts.

While this appears straightforward, all families are different. Often, child support is affected by such unique circumstances as:

  • Custody arrangements where children spend an equal amount of time with each parent
  • High-income parents
  • Difficulty establishing income, such as self-employment earnings and investment income

In addition, Ontario legislation allows for “special and extraordinary expenses”, for which parents may split the cost, proportional to the incomes of both parents after considering any tax benefits of payment. These can include day care expenses, medical care, education, postsecondary education expenses and certain extracurricular activities. Payment for these expenses is looked at on a case-by-case basis and should be consistent with a child’s lifestyle and needs prior to the separation.

Offering Legal Experience And Settlement Options

For people just getting used to the idea of divorce, wrapping their heads around child support can be overwhelming. You do not need to figure it out by yourself. I have been doing this work a long time, and I have answers. I can also give you choices. Often, a divorce can be settled effectively through collaborative, non-adversarial means. You do not have to go to court; however, when the court is necessary and in your best interest, I can advocate for you. I have experience with court proceedings on these issues. In all cases, you can preserve your relationship with your children.

Child Support Lawyer For Newmarket And The Greater Toronto Area

Contact my office online or call me at 905-303-1070 (Vaughan) or 416-977-3050 (Toronto) or 866-233-0945 (Canada toll free) to schedule a consultation. I am proud to have a firm that is a comforting place for you to talk about a very difficult time in your life. Your family members or close friends are welcome to come with you to appointments. As a Vaughan lawyer, I advise on child support issues for people throughout York Region.